Can You Lease a Used Car?

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When shopping for new or pre-owned vehicles, many Mission shoppers are well aware of the financing options available. Additionally, if you’re solely interested in a new vehicle you even have the choice to lease instead of getting an auto loan. Even though there’s nothing wrong with financing a vehicle, leasing can sometimes be the better choice depending on your Edinburg lifestyle. But, can you lease a used car? The answer is yes!

While not all dealerships offer used car leasing, many do. Leasing a pre-owned vehicle is similar to leasing a new one in that you have to return the vehicle at the end of your lease term. The only difference is used car leasing is often only available on certified pre-owned vehicles. To learn more about used car leasing, we suggest you stop by Burns Motors for specifics. In the meantime, you can continue reading below for more information on leasing pre-owned vehicles!

Additional Information About Used Car Leasing

Leasing a pre-owned vehicle does come with some nuances you should keep in mind. Now that we know the answer to “Can you lease a used car?”, it’s important that we touch on some additional information so that you can be fully informed before making a decision on your next Pharr commuter. Let’s take a look at some highlights and important information you should know before you opt for used car leasing:

  • Certified Pre-Owned Benefits: Many dealerships that offer pre-owned vehicle leases, only do so with their certified pre-owned vehicles. But, that’s not a drawback as many CPO vehicles have plenty of advantages for you to enjoy. From comprehensive warranties to thorough inspections, there’s a lot to benefit from with a CPO vehicle lease.
  • Monthly Payment: Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle often provides a lower monthly payment than if you were to purchase a new vehicle. Likewise, a used vehicle lease will allow for a lower monthly payment than a new vehicle lease and can sometimes even allow for insurance savings.
  • Lease Buyout: Similar to new vehicle lease agreements, you’ll oftentimes have the option to buy out your used vehicle lease at the end of the lease term to enjoy unbeatable savings.

More Automotive Financing Information Available at Burns Motors!

There are several reasons why a pre-owned lease could work for your McAllen needs and the best way to explore them all is by visiting Burns Motors There’s a lot to know about used car leasing and we suggest you stop by our dealership for more specific information. If you have any other questions about used vehicle leases or other concerns, please feel free to reach out to our team! We can even help you learn how to trade in a car. Whatever you need assistance with, be sure to give us a visit.


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