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Car Financing Online

Moving the start of your car financing online is a great way to speed up and simplify your financing process. Applying for car financing here at Burns Motors is easy, and is often one of the best options for drivers in Mission and Edinburg. To make sure you get the best rates, apply to multiple lenders and shop around. You’ll find our rates to be highly competitive!

Besides the quick and convenient online financing application, we also offer a myriad of other tools to help you plan and execute your purchase with confidence and peace of mind. Read on to hear more about our other tools, and contact us with any questions you may have!

Apply for Car Financing and Other Online Car-Buying Tools

The tools we offer our customers here at Burns Motors cover all of the initial planning of the car buying process, and some of the initial financing steps. Our online financing application makes starting the process easier than ever before, allowing you to attain pre-approval without ever leaving your home. Out of all the dealerships that finance near Pharr, we offer one of the most robust methods of car financing online. Here are a few more tools we offer:

  • Value Your Trade-In -- An excellent tool that is perfect for evaluating how much your trade-in vehicle can net you, either as a standalone transaction or to reduce the amount your new vehicle will cost.
  • Calculate Monthly Payments -- Monthly payments are something best planned far in advance, and this calculator does just that, with a high level of accuracy if you use all of its available features. Those features include being able to set the appropriate loan term, amount borrowed, trade-in value, and much more.

What Do Lenders Look For?

Whether you finance with us or anyone else, there are a few specific attributes that lenders look for. Here they are:

  • Credit Score
  • Loan Amount
  • Age of the Vehicle
  • Debt-to-Income Ratio
  • Repayment Term / Length of Loan

Dealership That Finances: Burns Motors

Finance with us today! Our car buying tips and online tools are available to all of our customers, to help you make the best and most informed decisions possible. Stop by today to see what we can do for you!