Vehicle Service Tips at Burns Motors
When you bring your vehicle in to a service appointment with us, you may be wondering how our process works. Here are a few frequently asked questions that our service team has answered. If you have further questions fill out the form on the right and we will get back with you as quickly as possible.
Checking Status of Your Vehicle Service
While we make every effort to communicate with our customers on the service process on their vehicle, we get a high number of calls during the day and therefore it may be difficult for us to answer your questions immediately. In order to keep the amount of time you are waiting on hold at a minimum, we recommend that you wait to hear back from your appointed service advisor by the promised time. Burns Motors is dedicated to providing the best service possible to our customers and we ask for your patience to allow us time to properly service your vehicle.
Dropping Off Your Vehicle for Service
When leaving your vehicle in our service department, please park inside the service drive and one of our service advisors will assist you. We can also make reservations over the phone for you to leave your vehicle with us for a speedy in and out process. When picking up your vehicle your appointed service advisor will also handle your paperwork so there is no confusion about any of the repairs made.
Pre-Approving / Approving Work on your Vehicle
As we perform repairs, our service technicians may notice additional items of concern. To save time, many customers will pre-approve a dollar amount for additional necessary work. If you would like to give us a dollar limit, please mention this when setting your service appointment or dropping off. If not authorized, we will only perform work approved in advance. Before performing any additional work, we will call you to discuss and obtain permission to continue.
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Vehicle Service Tips at Burns Motors

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